10 Basic Types of Essays and Their Structure

An essay is a piece of writing that aims to show the personal opinion of a writer about a topic or subject matter. An essay contains a message that is to be conveyed to the readers or the targeted audience for whom the essay is drafted.


An essay is written for a purpose and this purpose should be clearly presented in the content. An essay writer strives to provide a different point of view about a topic that gives a writer’s knowledge about the topic or subject to the readers.



An essay has several types but the basic types that are generally written are as follows:


Descriptive Essay: A descriptive essay is an essay type that is written to provide detail on a selected topic or subject. This essay can be written about any object or subject including its features. In this essay, every detail counts so provide complete detail of the topic.


Definition Essay: As the same suggests, a definition essay simply discusses the definition of a subject or an object. It also discusses the subject’s origin and gives more details than a usual dictionary does.


Comapre and Contrast Essay: Compare and contrast essays is based on similarities and differences between two objects or subjects of the same category. It is to give complete knowledge about two objects to the reader and how it is similar or different from the other.


Cause and Effect Essay: It is an essay type in which a writer analyzes the reasons behind an event or situation and its effects. It basically discusses the causes of an event and its results.


Narrative Essay: A narrative essay is a type of essay that takes the form of a story. It includes the writer’s perspective and experiences on a topic and is usually written from a first-person perspective.


Process Essay: A process, or synthesis essay, is an essay that is written to show how a certain thing works. It provides instructions and steps to do a particular thing.


Argumentative Essay: This is an essay type which presents an argument related to a topic. The writer takes a stance and defends it by presenting strong evidence and supporting material.


Critical Essay: A critical essay include an analysis of a work highlighting its weak and strong points. This essay is written for the audience to tell them what you think is right or not.


Expository Essay: This essay type presents an explanation of a topic according to the writer’s perspective and point of view. This essay requires extensive research and knowledge to let a writer portray it with his perception.

Persuasive Essay: It is another essay that is written to persuade the audience to believe the writer’s argument and point on a specific topic. If a person is good at convincing people through logic and facts, this essay type can easily be drafted by him.


Essay Structure


All of these essays are written following a basic and traditional essay outline. According to a basic outline, an essay is divided into three sections:

Introduction: The introduction of an essay includes a formal presentation of the topic in a precise way to just make the audience familiar with the topic chosen.  The introductory paragraphs contain three major things:


  • Hook Statement
  • Background information on the topic
  • Thesis statement

Body paragraphs: The body of an essay contains a detailed description and of the facts that are presented to support the thesis statement. All of the information is written in paragraphs according to its idea.


The paragraphs contain a topic sentence that is based on the controlling idea and the topic. All of the paragraphs should be in a transition to maintain a smooth flow in the essay.

Conclusion: The last section is the conclusion in which the writer sums his debate up and provides a result. In this section, a summary of the major points is given along with the restated thesis statement.
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